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                 From Design to Build

Our Vision.

Our Mission is not to be just another contractor.  Instead, we visualize ourselves as a partner in the construction process.  The construction industry is growing more complex by the day.  Additional regulations, safety requirements, and new technologies have created an environment where contractors need to be more sophisticated. 

We always remember that the best projects are built with effective teamwork between the Engineer, Owner, Builders and Operators!

Our Solution.

The greatest solution to completing a project successfully is making sure we have safe and healthy workers; therefore it is our number one goal to always have a safe environment to work in. 

We review and understand the plans and specs before we begin, so that we can plan the project out to ensure efficiency, control cost, and make sure the project is completed on time. We strive to understand each project and offer solutions that can cut time and cost for our clients.  

Our Services.

Converse Construction, Inc. is one of Northern California's prominent industrial contractors.  We strive to provide a service beyond the normal.  Our specialty is providing contracting and engineering services for small to mid range industrial construction projects. 

Our services include, but are not limited to  electrical design, panels, PLC's, SCADA,  sewage lift stations, water treatment plants, Design & Build campgrounds, Weather Stations, Caltrans Radio Repeater Stations, parking sensors, and install and repair Prepass and Weigh-in-Motion equipment.

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